Hi all, thought I would make a thread that had links directly to the relevant part of the Royal Commission youtube uploads.

All links are to a non-apostate Youtube channel, so it is safe to show to a still-in JW. Credit to Jakke Control on uploading all these videos, and keeping the channel clean of other "apostate" videos!

I plan to update this thread as it goes along, Please help me out by linking (or a decent description is good enough) your own highlights! I can't sort through the whole 7 days by myself

Testimony of Geoffrey Jackson (Governing Body member)

Geoffrey Jackson acknowledges all the following statements as true: 1, Child abuse within the organization is real and the same as the general population. 2, Elders and JW's are not immune from committing child abuse. 3, People who highlight child abuse problems within the Organization are not attacking the Org. 4, People who highlight child abuse are not engaging in "Apostate Lies" as long as there is evidence. 5, The Royal Commission is good

Geoffrey Jackson confirms that the FDS is as "Appointed" as the average Elder. They are not appointed by God

Geoffrey says it is "presumptuous" to say the GB are God's spokesperson. Implies that anyone using the bible is a spokesperson for God

Geoffrey claims that all witnesses would follow the bible rather than the GB's orders. (Yea, that's not true)

Angus talks through the command structure of the Organization. The GB have the definitive interpretation of the bible.

Geoffrey gets upset that Angus isn't paying attention to his answer

Geoffrey confirms that the GB is guided by the scriptures, yet the GB give the definitive interpretation of the scriptures. Then Angus raises Blood Fractions issue.

McClellan asks about the changing social understanding of the bible, goes through scriptures to show a non-literal interpretation of "spare the rod" shows the JW's interpret the bible with regard to modern day standards. McClellan then repeats a question because Geoffrey doesn't answer correctly

McClellan talks through why female victims are hurt by the male only WT processes, Geoffrey agrees. Then Geoffrey attempts to explain why women cannot be a part of WT processes.

Geoffrey agrees that victims should never be forced to confront their abuser. Accepts that this should be made clear in all WT guides

Geoffrey confirms that the Branch cannot publish it's own manuals or guidelines independent of the GB (Rodney Spinks claimed this). Confirms that the WT policies all come from the GB.

McClellan asks if there is any biblical impediment to women being involved in a JC, Geoffrey answers "no". McClellan asks if there is any biblical impediment to women being involved in the decision of the JC, Geoffrey answers "yes"

Geoffrey says women can't be Judges, McClellan asks for the scripture.

Angus asks if the investigation process can have women involved. McClellan gets fed up and steps in, gets frank with Geoffrey

Angus asks for direct scriptural evidence saying women cannot make the final decision if a claim is valid or not (bonus quip from Angus too)

Angus asks about the scripture "women must remain silent", Geoffrey gives a tenuous explanation about teaching

Angus asks for an "overarching explanation" of when the bible is literal, and when it must be explained. Geoffrey gives a long explanation about overall message

Is there a scriptural basis for not reporting abuse, unless required by law? Geoffrey almost begs for mandatory reporting so the WT can wash it's hands of the matter.

Angus brings up the scriptural validity of the Two Witness Rule, shows Geoffrey from the bible where the two witness rule wasn't enforced. Geoffrey says he will ask Jesus, when he meets him, why he didn't include that in the New Testament

Angus talks about Disassociating, Geoffrey repeatedly asserts that fading is the same as Disassociating (it isn't)

Geoffrey claims that something "is not his field", Angus shuts him down

Angus confirms that it a Black/White situation for Disfellowshipping and Disassociation. Geoffrey endorses fading

Angus lays out the "choice" for leaving, cruel choice, personally devastating. Confirms that a victim who leaves will still be shunned. Geoffrey claims that ultimatum is not contrary to a loving compassionate God

Geoffrey confirms he was baptized at age 13, Angus asks if that is too young for such a big life choice.

Angus says that the "choice" that the Organization has leads to a "Captive Organization". Angus queries if shunning is Bible based.

Will the Governing Body apologize to child abuse victims? Geoffrey claims the GB has apologized before?? Geoffrey supports a compensation scheme

McClellan asks what the WT will do to protect victims

Geoffrey confirms to McClellan that evidence from 'worldly' people is handled with suspicion.

Terrence O'Brien's false statement

Angus discussing Geoffrey Jackson, WT lawyers' false statement submitted

Terrence O'Brien discusses the GB's responsibilities, confirms he instructed the lawyers to submit the above statement

Angus calls O'Brien out on his false statement

Watchtower lawyer grovels to McClellan saying he (the lawyer) didn't mean to mislead the Commission

Testimony of Terrence O'Brien (Head of the Australia branch)

O'Brien is questioned by McClellan on the Bible's social context. O'Brien attempts to defend slavery

McClellan questions O'Brien on allowing women to decide the verdict of a JC, O'Brien talks in circles until McClellan is exasperated

O'Brien discusses compensation for victims, McClellan cuts in asking if the Organization has considered this in any way since it was put forward months ago, O'Brien says no

O'Brien confirms a victim who Disassociates will be shunned like all others, endorses fading, blames DA'd people for their situation

Angus asks about the two witness policy, O'Brien states it cannot change

McClellan asks O'Brien about the two witness policy, O'Brien confirms it never will change

Angus asks if shunning is "psychologically devastating and cruel"

Angus discusses the "Captive Organization"

Testimony of Rodney Spinks (senior service desk elder)

Spinks informs the Commission he has dug up a long lost document regarding abuse victims not facing their abusers, admits no one ever gave it to elders anyway

Commission gets the document mentioned above, analysis

Angus indirectly touches on the paradox of New Light, in regard to changes that could be made

Angus poses the question about what policies can be changed without violating scriptures

Rodney Spinks answers Angus' above question saying nothing is going to change

Rodney Spinks dodging questions so as not to implicate the GB

McClellan states that the Shepherd the Flock book is "very confusing", Spinks agrees

McClellan asks why women are not told to be silent in accord with 1 Cor 14:34,35. Spinks gives BS about context

Rodney has no idea by what the Organization means by "Lands"

Testimony of Vincent Toole (Australia Branch Legal Department Overseer)

Toole dodging questions so as not to implicate GB

Toole claims he has no knowledge of the Organization's structure, McClellan is highly dubious of what he says

Angus calls for the current document fully laying out the Organization's structure, WT lawyer pleads for the entire document not to be made public, McClellan is highly suspicious

Angus questions Toole over a misleading (possibly false) part of his written statement

Toole admits that he takes 3-4 child abuse related calls every month

Toole denies any knowledge of Theocratic Warfare

Testimony of Douglas Jackson (Former Circuit Overseer, current Elder) - Involved in abuse JC of BCB

Doug confirms he would report all criminal offenses, has to be repeatedly reminded that child abuse is a criminal offense, confirms he has never reported a criminal offense

McClellan asks about the Org paying for Psychiatric help

McClellan questions Doug from the Shepherd Book about putting the accused at ease, but no mention of the victim

McClellan states that the problem is the whole structure of a JC

Doug is questioned about the victim facing the abuser, gets schooled from McClellan by reading out of the Shepherd the Flock book (long conversation but worth it)

Testimony of Joe Bello (Elder) - Involved in abuse JC of BCB

Joe admits to telling a victim that reporting her abuse would "drag Jehovah's name through the mud"

Joe will not report unless he is told to report by the Branch

Joe admits to knowing nothing about the Royal Commission, not preparing in any way, McClellan is highly unimpressed

McClellan asks about compensation from the Org for Psychological help

Testimony of Max Horley (Elder) - Involved in abuse JC of BCB

Max admits to destroying any notes he took regarding the abuse of BCB

Max confirms he would continue to destroy notes, would contact the Branch rather than authorities

Max lists the accusations of abuse he heard, confirms he never considered reporting to authorities

McClellan asks Max if it is "appropriate" that a girl's case is only handled by male Elders, Max freezes up

Testimony of Dino Ali (Elder, former Circuit Overseer, former District Overseer) - Involved in abuse JC of BCG

Dino confirms that he believed the victim, but didn't do anything due to the two witness policy

Dino confirms he would not report ANY crime, even murder. Admits no elder he has ever known has reported a crime to the police

Dino confirms he did not listen to the victim's testimony, or read her written testimony

Dino talks in circles for 15min saying he does not recall a certain conversation that makes him look bad, (he cant say he disagrees with the victim, but he wants to) McClellan steps in and gets fed up

Inspection of Dino's own notes from 1989 shows that he knew that BCB's father had abused her other sisters

From Dino's own notes it is revealed that the abusive father admitted to molesting all his daughters

Dino explains that he didn't believe the confession of the abuser, even with him "believing" the victim

Dino confirms that no steps were taken to protect the victim's sisters from the abusive father, seems uninterested "that's a pity" if the victim's mother didn't report it to the police

Dino does not agree that "you are completely ill-equipped, as an organisation, to protect victims" He never told the victim he believes her

Dino does not not see any flaw in the processes of making a girl answer alone to 3 elders

Testimony of Kevin Bowditch (Elder) - Involved in JC of BCG

Kevin has no regard for children outside the Org, admits it isn't normal to report to police

Kevin confirms he did not listen to the victim's testimony, or read her written statement

Kevin confirms that the victim had to face her abuser alone in the presence of two other elders

In his written statement Kevin confirms that the victims's abuser was verbally and physically aggressive towards her during the JC hearing

McClellan steps in (he seems fed up) and asks Kevin if he thinks the process is acceptable

Angus gets Kevin to read the report he sent to the Branch Office, Kevin confirms there is no mention of abuse allegations

Angus asks why there was no sexual abuse reported by the JC investigation

McClellan asks why there was no abuse findings reported although all the elders claimed to have believed the victim. Kevin is at a loss for words

When McClellan asks a question, Kevin states that he has been "indoctrinated"

Testimony of Monty Baker (Former Elder, Ex-JW)

Monty is surprised at the number of abuse cases, cleanness an "asset", McClellan confirms the cases are from the Organization's files

Testimony of Ron De Rooy (Elder) - Involved with the JC allegations relating to BCG

Angus asks if leaving a "repentant" child abuser in the congregation is a "zero tolerance" policy

Angus asks what steps are taken to protect a child of a known abuser

Ron confirms that Elders will not report to the police or child protection agencies, claims it is due to confidentiality

Angus looks at another case where an Elder abused children, was deleted as an elder, then was disfellowshipped a few years later for more child sexual abuse. Ron becomes very forgetful of details.

Angus asks Ron if he remembers the allegations the victim had, he waffles. Angus tells him he is "speaking in riddles"

McClellan tries to understand what Ron remembers and does not remember, he is frustrated (great look of disbelief on his face)

Angus asks Ron about the Victim's statement, Ron states he does not remember, and asserts that the Victim is making it up

Ron confirms that the Abuser got aggressive towards the Victim during the JC (other elders and the Victim testified that he had to be restrained)

Ron goes into how sickened he was over the allegations, but cannot remember at all what the allegations were

Ron confirms the allegations were "Very serious", that he believed the Victim, but could do nothing due to bible principle

McClellan asks if Ron sees a conflict between the Bible principle and being a human being, he says "no". Again confirms that they believed the Victim, but due to the bible, did nothing

Angus asks why the Elders didn't report to the authorities, or try to be proactive in any way about the issue

Angus asks why they didn't encourage the Victim to go to the authorities for help

Angus goes over Dino Ali's JC notes with Ron, showing the Elders all heard that the Victim's mother added testimony to confirm the abuse of her children. Ron really, really cant remember anything.

Angus inspects the disfellowshipping report that he wrote and the other elders signed off on. Asks why there is no mention of the abuse allegations the he "believed" and "was sickened by". Ron can't remember.

Angus tells Ron he is avoiding the point, asks why Ron claims an investigation would be carried out on someone who is not a JW

Angus says that he believes the child sexual abuse was was covered up by the Elders

Ron confirms that the Elders received a confession from the Abuser, and their advice given was that the Abuser was to return home to his family. Angus asks why he didn't go to the Police then.

Ron confirms he has not looked over any of the exhibits, cant give a good reason why he didn't

Angus asks why the Abuser was reinstated only 3 years after being disfellowshipped. Ron then confirms he believes that offenders have a high change of re-offending

Ron does not remember the Abuser ever apologizing to the Victim, and he confirms that the elders did not ever ask the Abuser or the Victim when they came to the decision to determine repentance.

Ron confirms that the primary consideration for the Abuser's reinstatement was about his adultery. Confirms that the Elders encouraged the Abuser to return to his wife and family. The Elders did not report the abuse to the Branch in their letters.

McClellan states that the structure of the Organization involves risks to children

Testimony of Alan Pencheff (Elder) - Had some knowledge of BCG's case

Are you able to explain why the other allegations (of Child abuse) were not considered for Disfellowshipping?

They inspect letters from the Branch that shows the Branch instructed the second JC comittee to investigate BCH and his record of child abuse

Angus states that investigation of dishonesty was more important to the Branch than investigation child abuse. Alan gives a weak reason and Angus tells him that his reason is not good enough.

Testimony of Dr Monica Applewhite (Expert on child abuse hired by the Watchtower)

An organization that does not have a safe way that victims can come forward has failed its obligation to those within it's care

Angus states that Elders are "appointed by Holy Spirit" Applewhite disagrees, then Angus smacks her down with 14 other references

Angus points out that Elders are in a position of prestige, tells Applewhite she is wrong in her reporting that "they are fellow workers"

Angus points out direction from the Shepherd the Flock book that discourages group therapy

Applewhite realizes that the Watchtower process does not meet best practice standards, the penny drops and she flips her wording to distance herself from the Watchtower

McClellan talks Applewhite through the Organization's process, Applewhite says it is a bad process (remember that she was paid by the WT to say they were good)

Applewhite confirms that the Organization's policies are deficient of best practice

Angus discusses the accepted sociological factors that lead to child abuse, it fits the JW's like a glove, "perfect storm"